Poetry and Light

January 27, 2010

A friend once commented, “Poetry can change your life.”  I think it is even accurate to say, “Poetry can save your life!”  There is something very powerful that happens when everyday words are put together  in a poem; something beyond words is said.  The words become more than their dictionary definition, more than they mean in our daily conversations.

The notion of taking everyday words and putting them together in unexpected ways in a poem is relevant to the 3-dimensional pieces I am working on ( a mix of mixed-media sculpture and assemblage ).  Instead of words, I am using everyday objects and materials, and I hope the finished works can be viewed as visual poems.   As in poetry, the meaning can unfold over time.  I am still learning what these pieces are about.

Here is a new piece to ponder.  It is called  Air & Light, and it has two states:


and ON

Pick up a book of poetry, and keep reading even if the poems don’t make sense; you just never know when you will come across one that speaks to you, one that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  Look at art the same way!

One Response to “Poetry and Light”

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