Friendship and Inspiration

January 25, 2017

A visit from my two artist friends yesterday was such a gift in many ways. It was a huge honor to share my work with these two creative ladies, and I was humbled by their interest in the stories behind the pieces. We mused over what it might have been that brought us together; interests in words, materials, and fiber are certainly something we hold in common. But I think the bond likely extends beyond our overlapping interests to things less nameable. Both of my friends have an inspiring creative curiosity and delight in the world, and both are kind and gentle souls. It was the first time the three of us had gathered, and I was inspired and blessed by their visit and their friendship. Sadly, one of our three will soon move back to her home country after a twenty year stay here. She will be truly missed in Richmond!

Here are a few more of the pieces that I put out yesterday.



Rewind and Recharge

January 23, 2017

DSC_4361_2    Germinal

Air & Light (side)    It won't float

Collected stories1


Tomorrow I will have these and other 3-dimensional mixed media and assemblage pieces out on view for a couple of artist friends who are interested to see them. The timing is good, because I need to spend some time with them too. I am looking forward to the next new thing in the studio, and I think there are clues for me here in these pieces. At the moment I am interested in working two dimensionally with mixed media and perhaps adding in some monotype and other printmaking to that. Another springboard might be the most recent mixed monotype/drawing pieces that I only began to explore in a short summer class. Here are a few of those.


Scavenger Notes

DSC_0153 - Version 2

DSC_0166 - Version 2

For a stretch of time my studio work was focussed primarily on a couple of large landscape commissions, so I am happy to have some space and time to experiment, explore, and research the next thing. Revisiting past work can be a good way to recharge as I move forward.

Alternative to the Frenzy

December 12, 2015



If you are weary of the Christmas shopping frenzy or trying to avoid it, this invitation is for you. It is quiet and peaceful in the studio – a welcome alternative shopping experience if you are interested in shopping for original artwork. I am not holding an open studio, but will happily be here by appointment for anyone who wants to stop in. There are drawings (framed and unframed), paintings, collages, monotypes, 3-D pieces, and even clay whistles to have a look at. I’ll brew up some tea or share a glass of wine if you want to come and have a look! If you are interested, get in touch or contact me here and we can set something up.



Enjoy these days, every one of them and every beautiful minute!

Something Different

December 12, 2014

Beyond the representational work in the studio, there are several groups of abstract pieces. These include soft pastels, collages, and 3-D sculptures/assemblages. The soft pastels are small (3″ x 3″) and large (14″ x 14″ and 18″ x 15″), and three samples are shown below along with a couple of collages.

Fall - Version 3











5. Morning After Dreaming












Morning After Dreaming


8. Veil - Version 2










































The Space Between




You can see this work and more by stopping in for a studio visit on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11-6:00, or by appointment. Contact me here for more information.













[work]+ news

June 27, 2013

The VisArts Faculty and Staff show, [work], is up until August 11. There is much to see from many artists, so stop by and take a look. My piece is Promise, a 3-D piece. Here is a detail:

More of my 3-D work is up for only a few more days in the H. Scott November Gallery at Westminster Canterbury. It will come down on Monday, July 1.

Finally, my next class is a one day workshop – Oil Pastel Studio Day – on Saturday, July 20. You can find details at VisArts for this and for my August drawing classes. Stay cool in the studio!

In the Gallery

April 9, 2013


For the months of April, May, and June most of my 3-D sculpture and assemblage work will be up in the H. Scott November Gallery at Westminster Canterbury, 1600 Westbrook Avenue.  On May 1 at 10:00 I will give a short talk about the work. If you want to visit, just let the guard know you are there for the gallery and get a visitor’s pass.

True Stories

September 4, 2012

The project that was begun this past spring is finished at last and installed in the group show Friends at Caldwell Arts Council in Lenoir, North Carolina. The piece is Collected Stories, and this is what it looks like:


The box contains true stories generously sent to me by fifty-six friends. A recent post, “My Story” (see below), is the text of my own story in the box. It is the story of the project, and it is the only story that is available  to be read. The stories contained in the box are folded accordion-style and threaded on a metal rod in a process that I have described more thoroughly in earlier posts. It was clear to me from the beginning that the collective voice of these true stories was crucial to the piece – these fragments of lives are woven and layered together (literally and figuratively) to create a visual object that is completely dependent on its content for its image. If you are near Lenoir any time before October 1, stop in and have a look!