Rivermont Opening Reminder/Preview

February 11, 2010

The opening for the current show at Rivermont Studio in Lynchburg will be held tomorrow evening, February 12 at 6:00.  All are welcome!  I am showing new three-dimensional work – mixed media sculpture and assemblages – that I have been writing about here.  Here are some of the pieces in the show: Air and Light, Lost Bearings, Shelter It won’t float, but you’ll be safe,  Everyday Miracle: Attachment, Homage to Lenore Tawney, Oryoki,  and Hundreds of Ways.

This piece, called Germinal, is also in the show.  I have included its various parts in earlier posts including the Weber grill firing of the clay parts.  The base is cast glass, and the stand is a found hand loom.  Other  materials include wire, fabric, thread, seed silk, and fiberglass.

This is my statement for the show:


The work in this show has provided an opportunity for me to explore some three- dimensional ideas that have been germinating, in one form or another, in my mind and my sketchbook for years.  It is a shift from my usual format of two-dimensional drawing and painting but also a logical extension of that work.

These pieces have arisen through my interest in the materials and in the process.   Making this work has involved not only the very practical aspect of engineering and assembling but also an approach of working intuitively and allowing both object and meaning to evolve. The process of combining and juxtaposing materials and parts has yielded many surprises in all aspects of the work.  These pieces are experiments in using new materials, new techniques (including clay building and glass casting and fusing), and new images.  Although the intent and meaning varies from piece to piece, all are linked by certain threads including:  a deep love of the natural world, a fascination with the subtle connections existing in the world around us, an interest in the power of metaphor, and a belief that beauty matters.

The artists who have influenced and inspired this work are many.  A few to note in particular are Lenore Tawney, Martin Puryear, Patrick Doherty, Andy Goldsworthy, Joseph Cornell, Eva Hesse, Christopher Wilmarth, Hannelore Baron, and, of course, my friend and teacher John Morgan.

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