April 11, 2014



Yesterday I finally printed an edition of my first broadside. I printed the edition of twelve prints by hand on my kitchen counter, and I am happy to say that all of the prints came out reasonably well. After mixing a color I liked with some older ink, I ended up ordering some new ink for the edition to ensure the same color intensity. So much for trying to use up supplies on hand! But, I am SO happy with the water-soluble relief ink that I got from Graphic Chemical – wonderful consistency and pigment rich! And the ink stayed open long enough to print the edition. It might even make a convert of me from oil-based inks.


Here is a picture of the prints drying on the dining room table.



See the previous post for more information on this broadside and the class I took in Charlottesville.


Can’t wait to start the next linocut!

3 Responses to “Foxgloves”

  1. Says:

    Awesome. When you showed the wok I progress I did not recognize foxglove . Beautiful and very meaningful work. You are a treasure! Peggy

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  2. afmp100 Says:

    Once again, I think it is a beautiful piece. Foxglove has special meaning to me because it was the first plant I knew of that related to medicine, yet was a poison if misused. An unforgettable learning experience. Now I can read Kasey’s words without a magnifying glass. (new glasses) The two of you have found something infinitely special and I hope you will keep working together. Peggy Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 15:59:23 +0000 To:

  3. […] safe keeping, a broadside with one of Kasey Jued’s beautiful poems. Read more about this one here. Only a few days left for studio visits. Stop in today or call to set up a […]

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