Good Company

August 20, 2013


The upcoming group show, HERALD, was put together by Richmond photographer David White. He has done the work of curating the twelve artists and organizing the exhibit. The group is composed of six painters (Andras Bality, Brad Birchett, Kathleen Markowitz, Elaine Rogers, Diego Sanchez, and myself) and six photographers (Tom Chambers, Pam Fox, John Heroy, Medford Taylor, Anne Savedge, and David R. White). It is an honor to be included in the group. Only the artists are curated, so each artist will choose his/her own work for the show. We won’t know until the day of installation how the pieces will fit together. In my past experience, installing a show is much like making a drawing; the beginning can be awkward and uncomfortable, slowly the arrangement begins to make sense, a logic to the order develops, and in the end the work comes together to make a cohesive whole. Stop by the opening on September 6 to see how it all comes out (details at the end of the previous post).

Anyone who might be interested in hearing from the artists can join us at the Main Branch of the Richmond Public Library, Saturday, September 14, 3:15 pm for an Artists’ Talk and Conversation.

Many thanks to David for all of the work he has done to make this show possible.


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