August 16, 2013


For most of this year I have been working on a group of new drawings that caught me by surprise. I was invited to be in a group show of six painters and six photographers and asked to show new work. I have had several ideas for new and different work in mind for some time but had not had the opportunity, freedom, or deadline to explore any of these ideas. I had just about decided on mixed media drawing mixed with monotype, but thought I might try one more possibility first. When our beloved local art supply store (Main Art Supply) was in the process of closing, I had added a few beautiful Schmincke soft pastels to my small collection, and I had also bought some new drawing papers to try out. Before settling on the mixed media approach I pulled out these new supplies to experiment with some abstract images that have been floating in my mind for years. Immediately I fell in love. The pastels layered so beautifully, leaving transparent veils of color that mixed with the under layers to make surprising new colors. Or two or three colors laid in heavily and rubbed to mix would yield another sort of unexpected color. Even sweeping away one color with a bristle paintbrush might leave something beautiful behind. Every step in a drawing brought a small surprise, and the imagery also took me in unplanned directions. These drawings led me through the work; I was merely a collaborator with the materials. And that should be no surprise!

Over the next two weeks I’ll be posting more images and details about the show. Here are the basics:

HERALD – 12 Richmond Artists – Recent Works • September 6 – October 29 • Richmond Public Library, Main Branch • Opening September 6, 6:30-9:00


One Response to “Surprise”

  1. MARK ASHER Says:

    This somewhat confirms my belief that creativity is serendipitous rather than intentional. I like the pastel drawing.


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