August 2, 2012


I don’t know what it is about megalithic stones that attracts me so, but they definitely exert a certain unspeakable magnetism that draws me, and many others, to look. Certainly there are many aspects of the structures that inspire awe and raise questions – age, weight, construction, meaning…. But the attraction goes beyond the obvious reasons to something on a gut level, something un-nameable. I just returned from Ireland where I had the chance to see some of these great stones (but barely the beginning of what that beautiful land holds!). Many of the residents with whom I spoke agreed about both the attraction and the inability to accurately explain it. The image above is a 5,000 year old court tomb on Cleggan Farm in County Galway.

My short adventure included time in Counties Donegal, Galway, Mayo, and Dublin with most of my time in the fishing village of Killybegs (for a wedding) and along the Connemara coast. The land is incredibly beautiful and the people kind. It would be hard to top the seafood, bread, beer, or music that I enjoyed along the way. A huge thank you to all who helped to make my trip not only safe and comfortable but mostly a huge pleasure!

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