March 8, 2012

Every misfortune has its benefits if we are willing to look for them. Breaking my wrist last fall definitely affected my creative efforts by limiting the drawing and painting that I usually do. But it also freed me in ways that I wouldn’t have predicted. One project that came out of that time was a left-handed sketch book that began when I picked up a Moleskine Japanese Album that my sister had given me. This is a small (3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″) blank book with one long page folded accordion-style. I loved the process of making a continuous drawing that could also be looked at by turning pages. Working left-handed was a great opportunity to work without expectations and judgement. And the drawing developed with a notion of healing. I suspect that my bones may have healed just a bit more quickly for that intention! Here are a few pages:







2 Responses to “Benefits”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Wow, Sarah! If I could draw that well with my RIGHT hand I would be thrilled! I love these!

    • Masters Sarah Says:

      Thanks, Mimi! You might be surprised what you can do. One of my classes drew left-handed for the day. I had thought it would be an interesting warm-up, but they were having such a good time they continued for the whole class! Thanks for taking a look! S.

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