The Ne(we)st

March 1, 2011

This is the newest drawing from my studio.  It is also the oldest.  I began working on this image about eleven years ago and have worked on it on and off over the years with long spans (years!) in between. Twice before I tried to finish it for shows but was unable to make the image come together as a whole. Recently, I decided to give it one last go before permanently retiring it, and it seems the time was right.  The drawing is now hanging at Quirk, waiting to be seen at the opening this Thursday night.  It is the largest piece in the show, over one hundred times larger than the smallest pieces which are tiny collages like this one:

Clearly there is a range of work in the show, so stop by and see how it all fits together!

2 Responses to “The Ne(we)st”

  1. aloha Sarah. – i like your nest. it particularly caught my eye because i too recently did a nest. altho mine is an altered scanner photography image. it’s interesting how we are drawn to things. i find a lot in common with your interests. cool. cool on the small collage too. to be sure i liked the whistles a lot too – years ago i worked on clay flutes – altho i collected clay whistles (not in an organized way) but just because like you i found them appealing, intriguing and fun. have fun with your show opening Thursday. aloha

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