February 8, 2011

Yesterday on a run through the woods I found this small gem lying in the path.

It was the colors that caught my eye:  the red hooked root and the yellow cotyledon with the little bit of bright green at the top (not so apparent in this image) – all standing out against the dull brown of the winter path.  This tiny gem became the germ for many thoughts floating around my head.  The finding of it surely supports what I tell my drawing classes; whatever (color or value) you put next to something changes it.  I would likely not have noticed this acorn or appreciated its colors had it been lying in the midst of colorful flowers.  This little gem of a seed also seems to relate to the small (tiny, actually) collages I am working on at the moment.  Every element, every small detail – such as a bit of green n a cotyledon – makes a difference.  Change something and the image and meaning shift.  Hmm…I am wanting to continue my musings here, but I will save such stream of consciousness silliness for my next run rather than subject anyone who might have landed here to too many words about too many of life’s tiny details.  For now, it is back to the studio to work on the small details of tiny collages.  I  have a deadline to deliver these for a show at Quirk in March – stay tuned for more details!  And later this week a short entry on… DELIGHT!

One Response to “Gem”

  1. Mimi Says:

    Can’t wait for the next installment!

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