October 5, 2010

Clay Practice

This morning when I was out for a run, my mind wandered to a puzzling observation:  why do we speak of yoga practice, meditation practice, spiritual practice, or writing practice, but not art practice, painting practice, or drawing practice.  The word practice – noun or verb – inherently suggests an ongoing process of learning, growing, and questioning.  Making art is certainly that.

The notion of a drawing practice is a useful one to offer to students.  So often the adult students who come to my drawing classes are shy about their creative skills and seem to carry unconscious assumptions about what they “should” be able to accomplish… even as beginners.  I’ll share this idea of practice with my class tomorrow along with my belief that curiosity is an essential part of a drawing practice; it is the thing that breathes life into the work.  Now, if I can only remember this on Friday when I am a student in a clay class.

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