December 7, 2009

The first experiment of firing in the Weber grill is complete.  I fired the clay pieces with different materials, hoping to get some different colors and surface results in the firing.  Here are some of the pieces ready for the grill:

Here are pictures of the grill being packed and, once packed, set afire:

Once the fire seemed to be burning well, the grill was covered and left to burn.  It took over 12 hours for the sawdust to burn down.  The fire was lit at 11 a.m.  By 5 a.m. the next morning the burning was complete and everything had cooled down.

The results were mixed.  I did not get the colors I had hoped for.  This might have been because there wasn’t enough air flowing into the closed grill even with the vents open.  But there were some interesting effects that came out.  Here are a few of the pieces after they were cleaned up a bit:

And here are some tiles that I made to experiment with different treatments:

As with any good experiment, there are expected results and surprises, conclusions and new questions, and many ideas about what might be interesting to try next.  Now, off to see if any of the fired pieces will be usable!


2 Responses to “Firing”

  1. Betsy Says:

    These pieces are really provacative! They are a bit like seeds or larvae. Seem like they are about to spring to life, or have just left it, even. I have now seen the completed pieces and was present over Christmas to witness one of the firings in the grill. What a ritual! If you are reading this, you must make a point to go see all of these pieces in the gallery or at Sarah’s studio. Life is so much interwoven with art in these pieces!!!

  2. Deborah Says:

    Next time you fire-try to put some in little tin cans with holes punched or shield some as if it is not totally reduced and you get some oxygen then you get not totally black pieces. Also What oxides if any did you use? These are some tricks that I have learned. If you want the wire to chemically react then that would need a bit more temperature also is my thought. Nice to see the work! It looks interesting!

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