Earth, Fire, and Glass

November 19, 2009



It has been a long time since I played with clay, and I had forgotten what a rush it is!  I’m working on this cast glass piece which was originally made in clay then cast in plaster.  The clay was removed and the plaster cast was heaped with scrap glass and then kiln fired (with much help from Jude Schlotzhauer ).  Voilà!



Now I am working with the next stage of the piece.  The first experiment is with clay… back to earth!  I will be firing some small clay pieces in sawdust in my Weber grill.  We’ll see what happens.  If it isn’t a total disaster, I will post a report and some images here; stay tuned.

In thinking about this piece and where it is at the moment, I realized that it all goes back to earth:  clay model, glass from sand, and then clay again.  I like that link.  I have always liked digging in the dirt.  And I’m sure that it was mixing up the mud pies in my childhood (we had the best “chocolate” dirt!) that led me to oil painting and art making in the first place.   The other critical element here is heat/fire:  turning sand to glass, melting glass in the mould, firing clay in the grill.



3 Responses to “Earth, Fire, and Glass”

  1. Sister Betsy Says:

    Mudpies. Yes, Sarah was an excellent mud pie maker! Not only did we make them with mud, but they were often decorated with leaves, twigs, and other things that we found in the yard around our makeshift outdoor “kitchen” (really a stairway to a terrace…just perfect!). The glass constructions do have a really primal look to them. Can’t wait to see them in person and touch them!


  2. me Says:

    Love the photos of these forms. Want to hear how the rest of the process has gone.


    • Sarah Masters Says:

      Hi Maureen, Thanks, still in the midst of the rest. Will fire clay in my grill when the clay is dry and it isn’t raining. Stay tuned! S.

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