July 20, 2009

IMG_2356 IMG_2370

The creative process is a curious thing.  It is in the doing that the making becomes more clear, and ideas begin to flow.  But beginning is difficult when ideas are sketchy – a sort of catch-22. In working on a group of assemblages, the beginning has been to experiment with materials and to work on parts of pieces.  The parts almost never end up as I imagined them.  But the end piece can only be arrived at by way of a process that is circuitous and full of false starts and missteps.  This is the nature of the process.  It is predictable and yet one that I have to learn over and over again.  I often wonder that I can’t seem to remember this from piece to piece or that I can be so forgetful as to believe that I know how a piece will come out when I am only just beginning it!   There is delight in stumbling on these familiar surprises which humble me to the work at hand…

The images in this post are parts that may or may not be in finished pieces!



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